How To Get Qualified New Leads For Your Business

Last week we spoke about how to start getting traffic to your website using organic and local SEO practices. What a lot of SEO companies do is stop there. Just getting people to your website doesn’t help your bottom line, however, it is important to qualify and capture leads for your company from that traffic so that you can sell and improve your brand over and over again.

So how do you generate and acquire qualifying leads?

Create and Optimize a lead generation funnel for your website

A lead generation funnel is designed to funnel out traffic that brings no value to your business and bring in qualified leads. Having an effective and highly optimized funnel is key to maximize the traffic on your website.

You can start to convert traffic into your funnel a lot of different ways but three highly successful ones: Provide free value, create a free tool your traffic will use, and optimize your home and landing pages with tried and true sales techniques.

Free tools are a great way to get people into your sales funnel. To use the free tool a person will put in information and once they click on the tool they will need to provide an email to get the results.

An example would be If you are a roofer having a calculator that estimates roof replacement costs will not only provide you with an email of a possible new client but you already know they are interested in replacing a roof.

Test Everything!

While a seasoned SEO expert will have tools and techniques that are highly successful, everyone’s audience and niche are different. A good SEO company will test everything from ad placement, link placement, ad copy, link copy, button colors, button text, and so much more. Digital marketing agencies such as Danner Digital have experience with working with tons of niches from 犀利士 ng.com/”>roofing websites to hunting websites that discuss the best deer calls in the hunting industry.

You have worked hard to get traffic to your website so you should not stop working at converting that traffic into leads. Working your pages, promotions, call to action buttons, and copy to optimize your traffic is crucial and the only way to know you have properly optimized your site is by testing everything.

There are a lot of different tools to use to check what to test and where to test. A heat map will show where visitors spend the most time on your website, and you can optimize content that is not grabbing your customer’s attention. There are lots of tools that will allow you to A/B test aspects of your website and provide analytics of what is working and is not.

If you want a free quote or to sit down with an expert to cha犀利士 t about steps you can take to optimize your website click here and schedule a free consultation.

Work other channels besides your website

Don’t forget to use Facebook, other social media, and even other websites to bring traffic to your site. If you have spent a lot of time and money on steps 1 and 2, then you want as much traffic to your highly optimized website as you can get.

Facebook ads are a great way to tap into target audiences that might take advantage of your offers, call to actions, free tools, and more. Any time you can tap into a new traffic stream on social media, you should.

A little used technique but highly effective is guest posting and forum posting. It takes some time and effort to set up forum accounts and to reach out to related websites, but the payoff can be huge.

Think back to a roofer website; if you are on a DIY forum designed for your area and you are actively searching on it, then you might catch someone posting about how to repair a roof. Guest posting on other small businesses in your area will give you access to new clients that might not have seen your brand otherwise.

The most important part about qualify and capture leads is spending resources on actually capturing the leads. Far too often, getting traffic to the website is enough for small business owners and SEO companies, but it is important to focus on the traffic and turn the traffic into sales and clients for your business.

If you want an expert to sit down with you and provided a detailed gameplan on how to improve your website’s conversions schedule a free consultation with us today!

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