How SEO Can Improve Your Business – Part 1

We are going to start a weekly series that is based around developing a proper strategy for improving your online assets to make your company more money.

Each week we will look into a different strategy or concept to help guide you through the chaotic world of web design, online paid to advertise, and SEO (search engine optimization).

There is so much information and opportunities around web assets that too often, we get a small business that comes to us on information overload.

The goal of this series to help business drown out a lot of the noise and widdle down a concise actionable plan.

We hope you enjoy it and as always, if you have any questions or comments post them in the comment section below!

Our First Installment is all about developing specific goals and a sales funnels that help you reach your goals.

Take the time and think about this for a second; if you are a small business owner and thinking about upgrading your website, investing in SEO, or reaching out to an online agency to improve your online brand awareness, what does success look like?

If your answer to this question is to get more people to my website or something similar take it a step further.

Why do you want more people to your website?

If you continue to keep asking yourself why and go down the rabbit hole you will most likely end up with the answer to make money or to make more money online.

Making More Money Online

I know this sounds like a duh moment but it is important to identify the root and reason you are investing time and resources into your online assets. Once you know the true cause, you can start to create a blueprint on how to invest online so that you get the returns you are looking for.

The Online Money Make Formula

I wish we could sit here and say this our own super secret formula but honestly, this formula is at the root of every business. So then why bring it up? Working our way through this formula the next couple of weeks will allow us to take the correct steps and in the right order.

The formula is Acquisition, Ascension, and lastly Frequency. We will go more in-depth on each of these but to break it down to a basic form:

  1. You want new qualified customers
  2. Turn them into sales and up sales
  3. Finally, get them buying more consistently.

We will be diving into each one of these steps more in-depth over the next couple of weeks and how it can relate to your online investment strategy.

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Over the next six weeks, we are going to go over these topics to help you navigate your online business’s deep waters.

Week 2: Acquisitions – When To Invest in More Traffic or Your Online Assets
Week 3: Acquisitions – How To Get QUALIFIED New Leads and Customers For Your Business
Week 4: Acquisitions – SEO vs Local SEO The Best Investment For Your Sales Funnel
Week 5: Ascension – How and When To Invest Into Your Website and Turn It Into A Sales Machines
Week 6: Ascension – The Value of A Sales Funnel and Email List
Week 7: Frequency – How To Get Your Online Audience To Buy More Often
Week 8: Wrap Up – Repeating A Successful Funnel to Maximize Your ROI

We look forward to seeing you next week and always if you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comment section below or go to our Facebook page and leave a comment there!

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