Google Search Trends for Kitchen Remodeling Websites

As writer George Kocher mentions in an Entrepreneur Magazine post on April 29th, 2021, kitchen remodeling is one of the booming businesses during the pandemic.  If you have been following the prices of lumber (which have skyrocketed from ~$400/1,000 board feet to ~$1,300/1,000 board feet), this boom for kitchen remodelers should come as no surprise.  

In fact, the Census Bureau stated that 22% of homeowners will spend up to $15,000 in the next 12 months on home improvements.  As Kocher states, it’s not a bad time to be a contractor.

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My name is Jason Levin and I run a Facebook advertising agency called Kitchen Remodeler Leads exclusively for kitchen remodelers.  My clients are having the best financial years of their entire careers.  

After speaking with Alex abo犀利士 ut search engine optimization, I was curious to research kitchen remodeling in Google’s Google Trends Tool; this is a free tool that allows you to research how often a query is being searched on Google over a period of time.  

Some in the industry believe the increase in renovation spending was because people are sick of seeing their same drab kitchen all year.  Here, we can see that “kitchen remodeling” was increasing a year before the pandemic even started.   

In fact, Google Trends Tool gives users a list of related queries that have increased over that period as well.  “Kitchen remodeling companies near me” increased 500% over that time period while “When remodeling a kitchen what comes first” increased 150%.  Interestingly, the top states searching for “kitchen remodeling” were Kansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Maryland, and Virginia in that order. 

So, we have concluded that there has been a spectacular rise in interest on Google for kitchen remodelers before the pandemic.  What is the explanation?  Could it be the endless amount of HGTV shows?   I compared the search trends for a few HGTV shows, but that didn’t seem to be it.  Quite frankly, I do not know the answer, but as a business professional in the kitchen remodeling industry, I am quite pleased. 

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